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Alliance Overview:

We are a semi casual alliance that focuses on AQ and AW. Events such as Class Specialist, Item Use, and Quest Completion are highly encouraged, however arenas and duels are purely optional.  BG's are assigned when you join. Behavior such as unnecessarily attacking buffed nodes, logging in once during the event and not taking out the rest of your lane, or doubling up on a lane that doesn't need help repeatedly can be cause for removal. We can't keep the game casual if folks don't stick to basic game tactics. We use Slack for chat, it's available for both phones and desktops. Because we are work friendly, we keep the slack chat PG-13 as far as language. 

Player Requirements:

  • Summoner Advancement Minimum: 5,000 (no hoarding required)

  • AW and AQ required

  • Max MIA is 2 days

  • Minimum level 55 or 200k PI

  • Slack is Required

 Because we all have jobs War and AQ begin at 5pm central (U.S.) rather than the middle of the day when it goes live. We do not use Line.  If you want to join us send a PM to "jetgirlart" in game or use the form below. If you are on Line you can message me at "jetgirlart_", or discord "Jetgirlart#3492" for more info.  


For current and ex members who play games outside their phone we also have groups on common consoles and PC: